What is the best hair loss treatment for only men?

What is the best hair loss treatment for only men?:

Before deciding on the best hair loss treatment for men, the cause of hair loss should be determined. Hair loss can be temporary or progressive.

Transient hair loss is usually solved by itself. Common causes of temporary hair loss include stress, overt reactions, hypothyroidism or trauma alopecia.

Progressive hair loss is permanent unless current treatments are used. Treatments include Propecia®, Monixidil, low-level laser therapy and the most permanent solution – hair transplant surgery. In a complete hair restoration plan, multiple hair loss treatments, such as hair transplantation, may be combined with additional treatments. The best way to determine the most appropriate hair loss treatment for you is to take a free hair loss assessment, discuss your options and plan a treatment plan with your Bosley doctor.

If your doctor determines that hair loss is progressive, there are proven FDA-approved hair loss treatments.


Hair Loss – The only permanent solution to hair loss.

A hair restoration procedure is the best solution for candidates who want to permanently restore their natural hair line and now there are various types of restoration. Candidates for these procedures should be identified first by a Bosley physician and by a recommendation as to which procedure is most appropriate for the patient. Hair transplantation is performed as outpatient treatment and is usually completed within only one day. The results are entirely natural and undetectable.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – New technologies that work

LLLT technology works by photo-biological stimulation principle, a process that provides laser energy for follicles. This can lead to increased blood circulation and circulation of the capillary; Which causes the emergence of animated follicles and the overall strength of the hair.

Bosley LaserComb Elite® and Theradome ™ Laser Helmet use LLLT technology and are located in the Bosley store.


Propecia® is a prescription medicine for men who inhibit the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the primary cause of male pattern baldness. Propecia® is for men who have been approved by the FDA in 1997 and who wish to protect their hair (untransplanted) and have early hair growth or permanent hair restoration.

The most common treatment for male pattern hair loss is a topical solution called Minoxidil, approved by the FDA in 1988. Minoxidil has been proven to slow or stop hair loss on top of the head in some cases.

Minoxidil is part of a 5-step system. Bosley Professional Power for Men’s Power and Nourishment Shampoo, Volume-Grooming Hair Cream, Hair Growth Therapy, Dietary Supplements and Follicle Energy. Minoxidil is a topical solution approved by the FDA for a 2% solution for women and a 5% solution for men, to stop hair loss and revitalize hair. These 5-step hair loss treatments are available at Bosley Store.

The best hair loss treatment is your hair restoration goals, your current hair loss level and your treatment from your Bosley physician.

The first step in preparing the best hair restoration treatment plan is to consult a Bosley consultant. Consultations are free and available in 70 offices throughout the United States.

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