Causes Of Hair Loss

Causes of hair loss: Hair loss is one of the most common hair problems in our society. If you do not take precautions with scientific treatment methods in the early period, it often results in the problem of baldness which we refer to as Alopecia.  In order not to be confronted with such an end, you must first learn the reason and type of the problem you are experiencing.

In this page, we will examine the most frequent reasons for hair loss and its symptoms. When we look at the causes of hair loss, we see that there are a lot of causes due to age, gender and health problems of the person. Thus we have categorised the subject in three sub-topics: 1- Causes of male pattern baldness, 2- Reasons of hair loss for women 3- Reasons of hair loss in adolescence.

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Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness constitutes most of the hair loss problem around the world. In other words, among the people who are suffering hair loss problems, 95% of them have male pattern baldness. The root of the problem is about Testosterone, the problem can start as early as 20-22 years old people.

Male Androgenetic Alopecia

This kind of loss is common in people whose the parents have hair loss and baldness problems. The source of the problem is Testosterone, which is the dihydrotestosterone we call DHT together with 5 Alpha Reductase enzymes. DHT reaches the hair-building cells and damages them. First, it decreases the quality of the hair and the speed of elongation. Declined quality hair roots start to fall in 3-4 mounts for regeneration, instead of living 2 to 10 years. In this process repeats 10-15 times and then the phase of baldness that we call Alopecia emerges. The problem of genetic spillage is seen as thinning in the temples and in the upper part of the head, which we call vertex. To avoid this, DHT repressing pills and sprays can be applied.

Alopecia Areata

Second common baldness type is alopecia areata, especially seen in children and young adults. It may start at several points in the hair without any symptoms because of the negative effects of stress, sadness, and bad morale on the immune system. Since the source of the problem is stress, sadness, etc., the most important stage of cure is to get rid of those problems. There are also herbal and scientific remedies for this problem.

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