Do you have hair shedding and hair loss? Is it normal?

Do you have hair shedding and hair loss? Is it normal ?

If you have a pill or hairbrush and you notice more hair than normal, you may be worried about hair shedding. Actually, you might be getting a lot of feathers. Yes, there is a difference.
Hair loss often stops alone
It is normal to keep 50 to 100 hairs a day. As the body turns more and more every day, excessive hair loss occurs. This is the medical term telogen effluvium.

Excessive hair shedding is common in people who have been exposed to one of the following stress factors:

-I lost 20 pounds or more
-When you consider birth
-To live a lot of stress (to sick a loved one, divorce, lose work)
-There was a high fever
-An operation has passed
-Healing of a disease, especially if there is a high fever
-He stopped taking birth control pills

hair shedding

Most people become aware of the excess hair that falls a few months after being stressed. For example, a new mother can see excessive hair shedding after about two months of birth. The rash usually occurs at the highest level about four months after birth. This shedding is normal – and temporary.

While your body is re-organizing, extreme shedding will stop. Up to 6-9 months hair tends to win the normal fill.

However, if the stressor stays with you, hair shedding can be experienced for a long time. People with constant stress can have long-term hair shedding.

Hair loss is different from hair shedding

Hair loss occurs when you stop hair loss. This is the medical term anagen effluvium. The most common causes of hair loss are:

-Hereditary hair loss
-Immune system overreacts
-Some medications and treatments
-Hair styles that attract hair
-Hard hair care products
-Forcing someone to remove their fur
hair shedding
If there is hair loss, the hair will not grow until it stops. For example, people who have received chemotherapy or radiation therapy often lose much hair. When treatment stops, her hair tends to grow again.

Talk to your doctor if you are suspicious of a cure or a drug of hair loss. Serious side effects may occur if you stop a treatment or medicine immediately.

Other causes of hair loss require treatment. Many people with hereditary hair loss continue to lose their hair without treatment. A woman who inherits genes for hereditary hair loss may notice gradual thinning. Men with hereditary hair loss develop hair loss or a bald patch that starts in the middle of the head skin.

Treatment helps many people with hair loss, but not all. A dermatologist can tell what will happen.

The dermatologist can distinguish between hair loss and hair shedding

If you’re worried about hair loss, you do not have to suffer quietly. You can apply to a dermatologist for help. These doctors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair and nails. A dermatologist can tell you whether you have hair loss or excessive hair loss. Some people have both.

A dermatologist can also tell you why or what you can find and what you can expect. There are effective treatment options for many hair loss types. If earlier treatment begins, the prognosis is better.

Dermatologists give tips to patients

Hair loss in new mothers
The tips on this page can help anyone who is bothered by excessive hair shedding (not just new mothers) have hair that looks fuller.

Damage-free hair styling
Making simple changes to hair care can help prevent hair breaks that can result in hair loss.

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