How to stop hair loss and regrow hair?

How to stop hair loss and regrow hair?:

Despite the fact that many people go bald these days, scientific treatment methods can prevent hair loss. There are ways of bringing back newly fallen hair. But, what kind of way will we follow to get over this problem? Lest see that in this post.

I want to share a statistic with you before I get into the subject. Of all men living all around the world ¼ of them continue their lives with baldness problems. Among these people, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are 20-25 years old. The biggest mistakes of these people are that they do not have enough information about hair diseases and they do not take necessary precautions. Bear in mind that hair loss is possible to treat.  And it is not an ordinary problem; it is a disease that needs to be emphasized. This page contains suggestions on hair loss treatment.


How to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness?

We are starting with this topic because the men are the main victims of this problem. But they are also very fortunate in the treatment of hair loss because they mostly have the genetic hair loss. The problem that affects a large proportion of males as 95% is in fact not that hard to solve.

We Must Increase Hair Quality with Biotin

Genetic hair loss is not a sudden thing and understanding its symptoms gives us the opportunity to take precautions.

Especially when you reach the age of 15-20, hair quality decreases. By regularly checking your hair, you can easily stop these problems such as thinning, losing its brightness, and not taking shape.  After this stage, we will pay attention to the vitamin H and B7 to increase the hair quality gradually. You can take this as a nutritional supplement or as an external supplement. Biotin (is the name of the product, not the substance) is very important for hair and nail health. At first we will begin biotin treatment with 1mg or 2mg. By the way, 2mg Biotin is not as common as HP Biotin. And before using 5mg and 10mg of biotin you should consult a professional. If your problem is something bigger than a regular Biotin treatment can solve, we will continue biotin-assisted treatment immediately with DHT suppressive treatments.

DHT Hormone Suppressor (Procapil, Finasteride, Minoxidil)

The cause of hair loss in men is related to the DHT hormone, which is passed on to you hereditarily. The hormone DHT gets activated by the loss of quality in the hair between the ages of 15-20 years and has a detrimental effect on hair roots.  If you do not resist its effects, your hair roots will die in 2-3 years and you will live the remaining part of your life as bald.


First of all, the substances I have mentioned above (not the product) are scientific material. These substances, which are developed to prevent DHT hormone damaging hair roots, are used in 2% to 5% of spray and tablets, developed against hair loss problem. Procapil is one of the most effective of these substances, with a success rate of 98%. Hair Forte was developed by Hair Pharma Men, used for genetic hair loss treatments and contains % 3 procapil. Genetic hair loss can also be seen in women. In this case, use of Hair Forte Women with 2% procapil is recommended.



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