Does smoking cause hair loss?


Does smoking cause hair loss?: Smoking is associated with many serious health conditions, and if you smoke, you should try to quit. Apart from lung cancer, asthma and chronic bronchitis, smoking can also cause hair loss. Our experienced hair restoration surgeons Robert Leonard and Dr Matthew Lopresti can help with hair loss caused by many different problems including smoking cigarettes. To make sure that you are getting the best possible result, you should leave this habit as soon as possible.

Four ways of smoking can cause hair loss:

-Smoking can reduce blood circulation to small blood vessels, including the head and scalp.
-Smoking can reduce liver function that regulates hormones that can affect hair growth
-Cigarette can cause clogged pores in the hair tress, making it difficult to grow hair
-Cigarette can cause bad growth of transplanted grafts

In most cases, cigarettes will not be the main reason for hair loss. But even so, you should stop smoking to increase your chances of avoiding more hair loss and help protect your health in the long and the long run.


I’ll start by saying I smoke. Actually, I’m smoking now. I know people who have been smoking for years and have not seen signs of hair loss. I also know people who have never smoked, and none are less bald people. Said…

Yes, smoking causes hair loss.

Smoking causes hair loss in two ways:

– Lower circulation to extremities
– Contaminate the blood that affects the liver.

Also, when combined with sebum, it may be a slight clogging effect on hair pore.

You should let the cigarette do not cause hair loss. The effect of smoking on hair loss is almost unimportant compared to the effect of DHT and stress. I mean, if you’re looking for the primary cause of hair loss, smoking is almost certainly not.

A recent study has shown that people living in very dirty areas have a higher level of hair loss. This is likely to be done for the same reasons as smoking – for this reason the effect of polluting the lungs with chemicals and fumes can be measured in terms of hair loss.

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