The Story of David McKenna

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Hi! My name is David McKenna. I am 48 years old and I live in East Providence, Rhode Island, along with my husband, Sarah, a law firm manager and a small family business.

You’re probably wondering how a man like me, like me, has come into the biggest hair growth era of the century.

It’s not easy for me to share the story with you today …

Because what I was about to reveal was one of the most embarrassing and depressing moments of my whole life.

Everything started about 12 years ago when I began to thin my hair, especially near my temple and forehead.

Soon as I wake up in the morning and get dozens of feathers on my cushion, when my hair is slowly pulled back, I will start self-confident and selfish day by day. Every time I even touched my head, the fur would have been eliminated.

My wife Sarah always commented on how much she liked my long, thick hair, but years later I developed a point of hairline and baldness backwards clearly on my head, which caused her to look 20 years older.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of confidence and I can say that Sarah finds me less attractive.

We regularly have sex, but losing our hair caused the effect of chemistry. Sarah always had an excuse.



“My head hurts,” he would say.
“I have to get up early in the morning”.
His favorite person is “I am very tired”.

Yeah. We have never spoken before, but the shrinking hair line has destroyed our sexual life and our marriage.

Losing your hair is the worst thing anyone could ever do. And when you are deprived of your own supply for you, it makes you feel the shadow of the person you used to be.

The bald looks of a distinguished minority like Bruce Willis or Jason Statham are wonderful.

But unfortunately I inherited my father’s house and looked strangely behind his head, it seemed like a stretcher.

And I was desperate to find a solution, like someone who lost his hair, someone who suffers from such self-reliance and self-esteem problems.

First, I tried Rogaine for 6 months, as I tried and twice a day, but it certainly did nothing to enlarge it, although it seemed to slow down the loss of my existing hair.

And I paid about $ 50 a month, almost $ 600 a year with visible results.

It was not a solution.

Then I tried the Finasteride drug in the form of Propecia tablets. He did nothing but create a few pathetic little hair mallets.

Moreover, the Finasterid drug that was infamous for its side effects was not disappointed on this front.

Strange swells in my hands and feet caused dizziness, headache, a strange rash on my legs and cribs, and difficulty in peeing. I’ve completely lost my sexual impulse and I can not hold an erection, I guess I guess it was not the end of the world my wife was not interested in. And I did not feel like a man anymore, I lost my impulse to have sex completely, and I could not hold an erection, which I guess it was not the end of the world because my wife was not interested.

And if I did not feel like a lesser person, finasteride literally destroyed my sperm count – another huge and very common side effect of the medicine.

Plus, if you stop taking pills after you’ve searched Finasteride a little bit longer, even if you get some hair, all of these new hair will fall again in a few months.I did not want to be connected to medicines and creams for a lifetime of renewed every month as a dependent. It’s time to look at the option of hair transplantation, but it’s not as incredibly expensive as $ 30,000 – I just do not like the idea of ​​slicing a few inches of hair underneath to collect hair loss. It looked barbaric.

I read the horror stories of people who came out with terrible scars, and other situations where the transplanted hair actually went into and fell into sharks – and incredibly, caused the same hair to do the same.
Even worse, even if it works, most doctors will not tell you that your hair lies behind the transplanted area, so you will have to pay another procedure within a few years and then be forced to pay for another procedure.In the rest of your life, tens of thousands of dollars each time it costs.

And if you choose not to pay for more surgery, you will have headaches behind the transplanted region and will show your head like a freak show.

In short, if I enter this route, I will be doomed to transplant the rest of my life. In the same way, I would be the prisoner of drugs and creams.

Instead, I swear, no matter how brilliant my bald head tortures me; I can never deliver myself to the cost and danger of drugs or surgery.





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