When is hair loss problem?

When is hair loss problem?

Hair loss is one of the most natural things in the world. While some are exempted from baldness, nobody can avoid normal hair loss. Hair loss is a natural process and it is normal to lose 100 hairs a day to make new hair. Normal hair loss does not cause hair thinning and baldness, but an interruption in hair growth life can mean that normal hair loss can lead to excessive hair loss. When hair loss becomes a problem.


Normal hair loss People may be more worried about hair loss when they are older and suddenly become a source of paranoia in the brush or under the shower. But the hair has its own life cycle and the same hair strands do not continue to grow your whole life. A hair follicle grows a lot of hair tails behind each other.

Hair is often made from hard, structured protein fibers as keratin. Just below the skin surface is a cluster of active cells known as dermal papillae, from which hair grows into the root. There is a root that contains only living cells, dead when hair is out of hair.

The hair growth life cycle consists of three different stages:

  Anagen – a growth process that lasts for two to seven years. On average, each hair grows about 6 inches a year.
The transition period to Katagen takes about two to four weeks. At this point, the hair shaft separates from the dermis and moves upwards in a shrinking follicle.
Telogen – a resting period that lasts about three months, allowing the follicle to leave before the hair falls. The cycle then repeats itself until other factors intervene to prevent the cycle from repeating.

Nutrition plays an important role in the growth of hair in healthy hair growth, because vitamins that grow strongly from hair follicles are necessary to maintain dermal papillae. Healthy, balanced nutrition, hair should be sure that you get the necessary nutrients, but sometimes for women hair balm is useful.

However, nutrition alone does not prevent excessive hair loss. Some people have genetic predisposition to hair loss, sometimes hair loss causes stress or drugs, and is sometimes a sign of an underlying medical condition. It is best to consult a medical professional or hair loss specialist at any time.

Hair loss in women Hair loss in women is generally characterized by thinning hair on the scalp as men begin to deviate from the temples and possibly begin to crown with bald head. It can be difficult to determine whether hair loss is normal or whether excessive hair loss is the most effective treatment for baldness, but there are self-protection measures you can take to determine this. If hair loss is excessive, the Do-It-Yourself Baldness Test can give you a marker. In addition, the Norwood Scale for Men and the Saving Scale for Women are useful tools that distinguish between hair loss stages and whether hair loss is actually normal or not.

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